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The Mistress and the cum slut .....



She stood with her hands on her hips. An imposing sight. Dressed in a long leather coat, tight leather corset, a short leather skirt and knee high leather boots. Her eyes danced from one face to another as she surveyed the four submissives, who stood in just their underwear, that would entertain her today. Upon releasing a sigh her magnificent breasts heaved and she walked down the three steps and onto the dungeon floor.

'Hello my little sluts,' she said cheerfully, 'Hello Mistress,' came the uniformed reply from her subs.

Three males and a female Mistress Blue had chosen for today. All were attractive, slim and in their mid 20's. Mistress liked them that way.

'I have some good news for three of you today,' she said with a little laugh, 'three of you are going to cum.' With a stinging strike her riding crop landed on the ass cheeks of sub 4, he winced a little but made no sound.

'Now, it goes without saying that cathy, my favourite sub is going to cum. As a woman and therefore superior to the rest of you she will be orgasming. So all we have to do now is determine who the other two will be.' She paused as she stood in front of them, 'boys, take off your pants and Cathy I will need your help.'

The males complied and Cathy followed Mistresses curled finger which beckoned her to her side. Mistress looked the men up and down, 'Now boys, it is really very simple. Whoever has the smallest cock is not going to cum. Cathy, go get a ruler.'

Cathy scampered off and returned with a standard metal ruler.

'Now, Cathy, massage his cock,' Mistress said, pointing at the submale on the left. Cathy did as she was told caressing his cock between both hands while Mistress walked to the side of the sub.

'Open your mouth slut,' Mistress barked. He did so and Mistress duly spat in it. 'Close.' he did so. She spat in his face and looked down at his cock which was now rock hard in Cathy's hand. 'Pathetic little cunt,' She grabbed his cock and slid the ruler underneath and measured from base to tip. '6 inches. Mr average. Next one Cathy.'

Cathy shuffled on to the next sub massaging again. Mistress followed and without a word slapped the sub hard across his face. 'Get hard, NOW!'

The sub was hard. Measuring again Mistress began to chuckle and glanced back to the first sub. 'Congratulations, you are going to cum, this little cunt is only 4 inches hard. Next Cathy.'

Cathy moved on but there really was no need. The third sub was rock hard. Mistress laughed out loud as she slapped his cock hard with the ruler. 'Well, look at what we have here.' She measured, although there was no need too. 'Nine fucking inches. Well my my. You are going to cum too slut.'

Mistress walked back to the second sub.

'Well well well. And here is my little cum slut for the day. Four inches that really is pathetic. Have you ever sucked cock before slut.'

'No Mistress.'

'Well by the end of today u are going to be a fucking expert.' She said and laughed loudly. Turning her back to the subs she ordered Cathy to tie up the balls and cock of the second sub male. She then grabbed the other subs by their cocks and led them over to her chair.

Sitting down and with Cathy and sub 2 returned Mistress spoke;

'Now slut, you are going to learn how to suck some cock. Cathy, kneel in front of Mr Average and slut u kneel in front of our very own Mr big boy.'

The two complied and awaited further instruction.

'Now slut, I want you to copy everything Cathy does. Cathy let the blowjob commence.'

The submale did as he was told. He nibbled, teased, licked, flicked and sucked just as Cathy did;

'That's it. Gobble him up slut. Mmmmmmm. Suck like the pathetic little bitch u are.' Mistress smiled.

For the next ten minutes the two blowjobs continued until Mistress spoke again;

'Enough, Cathy on your back. Mr average, penetrate and cum. You have 30 seconds.'

Mr average entered Cathy and shot his load in a little over ten seconds.

'mmmm good, stay where u r Cathy. Mr Average, fuck off to the corner,' Mistress said turning to address the sub who was not to cum

'Now slut. Here we have a nice cream pie. You are going to suck and lick Cathy's pussy until she cums, and i want every drop of that juicy cum cleaned out in the process.'

The sub male did as he was told. Cleaning up his fellow subs cum he brought Cathy to a shuddering climax with his tongue.

'Excellent. Two down, one to go. Cathy, you are excused my dear.'

Cathy left as Mistress bent down to whisper in her slut's ear.

'And where do u think Mr Big Boy is going to cum slut?'

'In my mouth Mistress?'

She laughed wildly.

'No,no, no. Not in your mouth. In your ass slut,' she said as she ginned at the surprised look on his face.

To be continued.............................




Submitted by Blue on 30/12/2007

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