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The start of crossdressing



<p><strong><em>it all started when i was in junior school.&nbsp; I used to hang around with my best friend mum dad used to work so i had to stay at hos house until myne came in. Didn't like it at first then something changed i enjoyed it. We used to go in his bedroom as we allways did we was bored and in the bathroom floor was his sister's school uniform white knickers socks training bra dress the lot . He dared me to put it on.i said to him that he would have to help me. Jer friend used to stay aswell and i told him he had to put hers on too.i stripped naked and you could clearly see that i was getting aroused then. The min the put the white knickers on i knew then i enjoyed it . Dave helped me put the bra on socks dress etc .it felt so nice. I knew then. His turn stripped off got himnin his sister's friends uniform . He liked it too. We used to flash our knickers at each other we loved it. Every day this went on from then. I used to go in the girls gym and look for some knickers and wear them all day at school. Me and my friend didn't stop there we started touching each other's privates while dressed. And ive bin in denial since then i have only just come out the closet&nbsp;</em></strong></p>



Submitted by Stevesarah on 16/12/2017

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