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my first cougar experience



<p>I am not really sure where to start with this as a lot events led up to the end result and I am sure over time I have forgotten certain things. But, I am going to try and convey things as accurately as I can remember. I know I am not the only person that this has ever happened to but I am guessing that those that have had similar experiences can relate to how much of an affect it can have. I am not going to gloss things up to portray myself in a better light or to add spice to what actually happened and it is just to the best of my memory.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It actually all started just over 5 years ago when my youngest son went to a friends 20<sup><span style="font-size: small;">th</span></sup> birthday party. I had pre arranged with my son to pick him up around midnight and on arrival found that most of the party goers had consumed large amounts of alcohol as they do at that age. My son was in quite a state but I was fortunate enough to be dropping one of his friends off who lived close to us. He had shown a lot more reserve than most of the other and although tipsy was able to help me get my son in the car. The start of the journey home was filled with loud singing but eventually it subsided as the fresh air kicked and both became a lot more subdued. As we got closer to home, my son was then claiming that he thought he was going to be sick. I pulled over in the entrance to a super market where he proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach into a nearby hedge. His friend thought it highly amusing but I decided instead of risking the back seat of my car. I would drop my son off first before dropping off his friend. I got him to call his mum to explain what I was going to do. When I got home I awoke my husband who was asleep after being on a late shift and we got our son into his room and sorted before taking his friend home.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>A little bit of an explanation of my sons friend I think now is required. I had known him since the age of 13 so he wasn&rsquo;t a stranger at all. I felt totally comfortable with him and had been to his families on numerous occasions. I had watched him grow into quite a handsome young man and although I had never thought of him in any other way than one of my sons friends. I don&rsquo;t think many women would not have given him an admiring glance.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The journey from mine to his takes about 15 minutes as he lived on the other side of town. The route is quickest using a small section of dual carriageway and it wasn&rsquo;t until I was half way down the slip road I realised the traffic was backed up. We sat there chatting for 15 minutes before it became obvious we were not going anywhere in the near future. I got him to call his mum again and I called my husband to explain the situation. We sat there making small talk laughing and joking to while away the time. I can in all honesty say it had been ages since I had laughed so much. I genuinely felt a little disappointed when the traffic started to move again. A few minutes later we were off the carriage way and nearing his house. I pulled up just down the road from his actual house in a pull in and as we bid our goodbyes he leant over to kiss me goodbye. I didn&rsquo;t think anything of it and moved towards him. We met half mouthed. Not on the cheek but also not on the lips. It took us both by surprise and there was a split second where I think both of us didn&rsquo;t really know what to do. To this day I don&rsquo;t know if was a subconscious desire I had for him but I moved my lips onto his and what should have been a simple kiss goodbye turned into a partial snog with open mouths. I remember pulling away and very embarrassingly apologising to him. He then apologised and we sat in complete silence for what seemed ages. That moment of silence was unbelievable ! He broke it with &ldquo; I dont have to go if you don&rsquo;t want me to&rdquo;. Those words will stay with me forever ! It was the moment he declared his interest in me. I know I looked about the street looking for windows with lights on to see if we had been watched. When I had assured myself we had not been seen, I put the car in gear and drove off down the street. We didn&rsquo;t say a thing to each other. We didn&rsquo;t have to. He just put on his seat belt and I drove to and quiet car park a couple of minutes away. I parked by a wall where I knew we could not be seen. We then had an incredibly frank conversation. I even told him we couldn&rsquo;t have sex as I wasnt prepared unless he was ( He wasn&rsquo;t). He rang his mum while I rang my husband and we both said we were still in the traffic. We made sure we talked at the same time so his mum and my husband could hear we were talking to them. As soon as we ended the conversations I suggested we move into the back which we did after moving the front seats as far forward as they would go ( Not that I have done this in the past ! Lol ). What amazed me was he was so calm about it all. I was physically shaking with anticipation. So much so he thought I was cold ! I love kissing and we snogged for ages before anything else happened. He didn&rsquo;t rush anything. This was definitely not like the last experience I had had with an 18yo guy some 25 years earlier, which was a bumbling clumsy affair. He was incredibly gentle even to the extent that when he eventually worked his hand under my jumper and onto my bra (which was of a soft type) he didn&rsquo;t try and yank it aside or pull it down. He just caressed my nipple through it with his thumb. We played for quite a long time like that before I actually instigated anything. I hadn&rsquo;t touched him intimately and was just enjoying the attention I was getting. He eventually through exploring, unbelievably managed to open the front fastenings with one hand and I felt the warmth of his hand gently squeezing my breasts. Those of you who have seen my photos will know I am quite heavily breasted and although I cant remember exactly what he said he there were lots of quiet compliments. Again, absolutely no rush to get them out just lots of stroking and working of my nipples while he continued to snog me. In the end it was me who removed my jumper and bra and laid back partly again the door and watched him move down and take then into his mouth. It wasnt long before I was then aware that he had moved one of his hands to the inside of my thigh he was running his hand very slowly from just above my knee up my inner thigh and stopping just before my crotch. To say I was in heaven was an understatement. ! It became nearly unbearable and my first move came I reached down when took hold of his hand and placed it firmly on the crotch of my jeans enticing him to work me. Much to my surprise he stopped ! He sat up undid my jeans and very awkwardly we between us took them off. I obviously wasn&rsquo;t expecting any of this to happen and had and old pair of comfy knickers on which I made sure went with the jeans to save my embaressment. I threw them into the front of the car and watched as he started to undress. He got naked revealing his excitement and although he wasn&rsquo;t huge in length he was lot bigger than my husband and the girth was very impressive ! He move towards me again and I slipped back into the position I was in before. Expecting to carry on where we left off. Instead he just took hold of my ankle and moved my leg over the top of his head and bent it up so my knee was on my breast. With his foot he moved my leg that was still in the foot well as far as he could away from us. My legs were as wide open as it is physically possible to be in a vauxhall astra. He then promptly gave me the most aggressive finger fuck I have ever had ! The noise of my excitement was unbelievable and cant remember ever being so wet. I lost total self control ! I pushed him back into the seat, straddled him, took hold of him between my legs and guided him in. I then fucked him till I came.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It was only after our breathing had subsided to level that we could move that I realised what we had just done. I got off and cleaned myself up and we got dressed in near complete silence again. He was worried about the consequences of our actions but after some reassurance that I would get a the day after pill I drove him home. As he left the car, he asked to see me again. I told him I didn&rsquo;t think it would be a good idea and left it at that.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The problem for me came a few days later when the reality of what I had done really kicked in. I went through all sorts of emotion from guilt to excitement. The guilt was not to my husband. Our marriage was already over. But more to the way I had treated my sons friend. Although I realise he was a consenting adult and he knew what he was doing. I did feel that I left him that night feeling like I had used him. I hadn&rsquo;t but it was just the way I felt. The excitement was definitely finding out that even at 41 I still had something that a young man wanted. So much so that I went back on the pill just in case an event like that ever presented itself again. It must have been a good couple of months of reliving those moments with him in the privacy of my bathroom. Before I decided I wanted to see him again. It was easy to get his number. I just made an excuse to use my sons phone and got his number that way. I sent him a txt asking to meet with him to discuss what happened. I picked a Saturday 9 days later that I knew my son and my husband were away for the weekend watching their football team and arranged to meet him in our home. He was a regular visitor before the events of the party night so knew his appearance would cause no raised eyes. After my husband and son had departed in the early hours of the morning. I showered and got dress in nothing than a short skirt a tight jumper, no underwear just a pair of hold up stockings. I think it took all of 10 minutes after his arrival that I found myself bent over the back of the sofa being done doggy style. I went on to see him 3 or 4 times a week for nearly 2 years.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>After it ended I had a year before I left my husband and after I got my own place I started internet dating that led me enjoying the company of a further 6 young men. Its something I find very difficult to stop and has given a confidence I thought I would never have.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Have fun people and stay safe ! H</p>



Submitted by cougar71 on 14/9/2017

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