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My birthday



My birthday
My girlfriend and I got dressed to the nines to go out and
celebrate my birthday. We had a couple places in mind. One
was a club where I knew the dj. He was so cute.
We had a few drinks, I did a lot of dancing. The dj and I flirted
with expressions. I was feeling really good.
We left there in a cab and went to another club. I ran into
a lot of people I knew. There was a guy I didn't know,
a body builder type. He asked me to dance and really danced
well with me. He continued to rub up against me. I could feel
the hard bulge in his pants, and was really turned on.
Later he asked me to go home with him. I told my girlfriend,
and she said she was fine.
We left, went to his place, and got hot in the living room.
We had sex on the coffee table, on the sofa, and later, on
the floor. He left me to go to the bathroom.
When he came back, he was ready for more. He was rougher this
time, aggressive, fucking me hard, pulling my hair. He
spanked me while fucking me doggy style. He had his hands
on my shoulders while he thrust hard into me. We were both
spent. When I opened my eyes, I saw a man standing naked in
the doorway to the hall watching us. I thought he was going
to join us. He had a smile on his face. It was his twin brother!
Then I realized the one standing there was the one I had come
home with and the one who had just fucked me was his brother.
We all had a laugh.
After we recovered, I had my first mfm, and it was amazing.
Two men who looked identical, but were so different in their
sexuality. It was a night to remember.



Submitted by playinglady69 on 13/1/2008

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