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our Egyption holiday

The start of May we were sat at home thinking what a shit summer we are having and then thought why not go away for 10 days to Egypt as the weather there is fantastic all yr round so we wont sit and freeze and get wet in good old...

getting alot more than i was ready for

my hubby and i went to Leeds last saturday to go shopping as we like to do now and then and we always make a weekend of it, we shop till we drop and then after a few drinks straight to the hotel shower get ready and out on the...

My wife

We are an Indian couple looking for some adult fun.

lost my virginity three times in one night...

This is the story on how i lost my virginity three times in the same night...


firstly im 5'5 im slim a size 8/10 with average chest size 34c and im 24. like most people i like to go to pubs and clubs, and during the end of the night being...

wife talks dirty on skype

Me: talk rude to me

Wife: Um no

Me: lol ha ha why not

Wife: I'm not good at it

meal and drinks

The 4th 3 sum, we all organized to go out one Friday night about 10 of us for a meal and drinks, it all went really well and drinks were flowing I must admit I was really...

bad sex

o    The third 3 sum, was at our house after a few drinks with friends ,everyone had left except one of my hubby's friends that lived too far away to get a...

a little surprise

My 2nd 3sum, we were at a party were we all got drunk and the only 3 people left was me my husband and his mate ,we were sat on the settee watching TV and my husband started kissing me, as he was kissing...



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