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first time

i met a lady who wanted too try new things now i didnt kknow that she was married and her husband was watching

it startes slowly she was dressed as normal dress stockkings underneath lace knickers she teased me with a button open here or just letting her skirt ride up...

Caught by surprise

About ten years ago I'd come home on leave nearly up for finishing my time in the forces my marriage had just imploded (she ran off with Banker!) and I went out with an old "oppo" around my local town.

We did the pubs but kept surprisingly sober considering then hit...

My dirty little whore

My Dirty Little Whore

It all started years ago, as it does! Beautiful wife, great sex and filthy minds. ...

My birthday treat

For my birthday my wife always says I'm very hard to buy for she knows I'd love to have a massage so as a surprise she told me she was getting me a personal massage.  Her friend sue had just finished training to be a Massage therapist she is in her...

Beach fun

My wife, Karen, and I have a small home on the Caribbean Sea just south of Playa Del Carman in Mexico. We found a stretch of beach a short walk from our place that is very secluded and you can see up and down it for a long ways. We...

A surprise for Lyn

 true story, I decided to surprise my wife, Lyn, and I arranged a three some whilst she was out shopping I had arranged for a friend, Chris, with whom we had a threesome some time before, I got him to hide in...

mad weekend

This is a story about how bad i was a few weeks ago. My boyfriend went away for the weekend i told him i wouldnt come on here alone. Any way i had a few drinks and thought fuck  it i just will have a chat. Well that night i...

Business Call

I had a couple who contacted me and the husband wanted to act out a scenario which I agreed to. Hi name was Ron and her name was Jillian he suggested I act as a professional business man (which I am)...

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