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You and Me and Julie

Well we would invite you to our house and Julie would answer the door in her tied round the waist blouse showing off her 44GG cleavage and wearing a short skirt with white panties.



My warm grreetings to All Users! :)

I am a young man who is well-educated, handsome and passionate to please my partner fully. I live in Manchester where is a great city. I am interested in women or couples who are 30 or over 30 years old. If you are...

1/3 My mature lady

1 of 3 to be updated daily...I hope you enjoy : )

After a few weeks of sending naughty messages and pictures I finally got to meet the older lady I had been talking with:

She opened the door...


We were expecting a visit from a single guy to meet with me and my wife. He arrived on a motorbike and my wife had always fancied a ride on the back of a fast bike.

After a very good session together it was decided that they would go for a...

Taken Hard & Deep

I have always ad a mad crush on Str8 & Bi guys that are masculine, horny and very sexed up with High Sex Drive..

I wanna meet outdoor where I have somethin firm to be pressed hard up against like a tree, bench, picnic table or just held firm against the...

My lovely young man

This morning I met a young man I contacted on the swingers zone site.  He was in his early 20s and as I am 58, it is obvious to everyone reading this that I was old...

cum on her latex ass

On one of our pics your see the lady bent over in tight latex, you shoiuld of seen how shiny her ass was?, i unzipped her catsuit with my teeth slapped her pvc clad ass then rammed my thick lengh beteween her buttucks she loved it so much i stuck...

In a nutshell

What to write is always hard I've never tried this before so you could say I'm a virgin. I've been single for a few years now and not really had much fun so I thought this place may change my life a little and open my horizons to sex as...

Heathrow Dundeon Zone Fetish Party


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