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Dogging part 2....

As I drive off having taken a big cock n a good few fingers I got half way down the road n decided I needed more, I drive to another little stop were there was a man waiting in his merc.... We got out n started chatting and I lifted my...

Dogging tonight part 1

I left work about ten to midnight having had s few glasses of wine, as I drove towards home I had a smoke n felt horny as :))) all I could think about was how was I going to get sec at that time of night for a quick fuck...

My Mature Whore

This happened early 70's when I was 16 .

not new

hi guys we have swung before but have taken a b reak we are genuine couple who would like freinds with benefits pictures will follow tomorrow

mother in law

A number of years back I went to the pub with my mother in law whilst my wife stayed at home. In the pub we kept touching each other on the hand so I rubbed her leg with my foot - the response was unexpected. We ended up in a...

how it started

Was wearing tights while in a chat room pretending to be a woman and have lesbian sex when a man hit on me. I said I was a he but he kept going and said abouy stroking my legs and cock through the nylon. I started to get hard as...

Barbaras Mum

I knew Barbara when she was...

Sally & the pantie sniffing

I suppose that the pantie sniffing started with my wife's friend Sally.
We have known Sally for about 25 years...



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