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My Mature Whore

This happened early 70's when I was 16 .

not new

hi guys we have swung before but have taken a b reak we are genuine couple who would like freinds with benefits pictures will follow tomorrow

mother in law

A number of years back I went to the pub with my mother in law whilst my wife stayed at home. In the pub we kept touching each other on the hand so I rubbed her leg with my foot - the response was unexpected. We ended up in a...

how it started

Was wearing tights while in a chat room pretending to be a woman and have lesbian sex when a man hit on me. I said I was a he but he kept going and said abouy stroking my legs and cock through the nylon. I started to get hard as...

Barbaras Mum

I knew Barbara when she was...

Sally & the pantie sniffing

I suppose that the pantie sniffing started with my wife's friend Sally.
We have known Sally for about 25 years...

You and Me and Julie

Well we would invite you to our house and Julie would answer the door in her tied round the waist blouse showing off her 44GG cleavage and wearing a short skirt with white panties.



My warm grreetings to All Users! :)

I am a young man who is well-educated, handsome and passionate to please my partner fully. I live in Manchester where is a great city. I am interested in women or couples who are 30 or over 30 years old. If you are...

Cathouse Clothing


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