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seaside meet!

Hi! not been doing this for long but thought id share this meet as it was exceptional some pics of young lady on my pics? met at a remote beach car park near mablethorpe after interenet chat kimmy was dressed in black low cut dress stocking heels hubby mark had...

female or couples wanted

Hi to all I'm looking for a genuine lady or couple for daytime fun around corby area for genuine meet Thursday morning can accommodate. If interested leave us a message.

Thank you

Stu . 

basic shit

Sick of being messed about and only finding girls that want etha or one of us not both had 3sums before and really enjoyed it can't wait for some sexy lady to come join us 


Is it just me or has anyone else said hello to FlirtyGemma and suddenly was told that her profile is no longer available.  She only started today?????  All those photos and as soon as I said Hi, gone,...

Mother-in-Laws Neighbour

Whenever my in laws went on holiday they would ask me to keep an eye on their house.I loved doing this because it gave me the chance to rummage through my mother in laws knicker drawer and laundry...

erotic massage

I met this couple on a similar site.  She was 63 and he was 67.

I arranged to meet in a pub close to where they live.

aas I entered the pub is was not at all crowded, in fact there were only half a dozen people in and jus one couple....


First time my girlfriend and I went dogging was amazing seeing her get fucked by 4 blokes was an experience. 

should try

One day I was at my blokes  place an he was at work for the night so I got some girl mates round to drink some wine. Any way we had a dog called tank. We was all messing about with truth or dare. So a friend dared me to...



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