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try to persuade the Mrs

I have been trying for a long time to persuade my wife to let another man join us for a night of horny threesome sex but she always says no i keep asking she keeps saying no does anyone out there have any sugestions on how i can make this...

guy looking for female

been on my own a long while and its time to have fun sadly hurt my back and have to wear a nappy as i wet my self since .so if you could exept a guy in a nappy contact me everything works ok apart from wetting my self 

My Fantasy

I am walking in a city and enter a bar aftyer a while I am talking to a black guy. He finds out that I always wanted to suck the cock of a black man and he suggests we go to the gents. I folow him and soon I am...

Dogging With My Wife

Dogging With My Wife

Part 1 of Dick and Joy’s Dogging Adventures

By Jack Wentworth


kimmy and mark part4

both jo and kimmy stood in front of mark legs wide and kimmy bent forward pulled mark to her kissed him french and transfered the spunk to his mouth swallow like a good boy ! jo then held marks mouth open and dropped the spunk into it pushing a bit...

kimmy mark me & co

as it happens! part 3 meet in handswrth sheffield kimmy and marks home

arrived around 9 am kimmy 2 kids out with babysitter and friend chloe

told to come straight in as I opened the door kimmy sat in chair laid back legs open big smile on her face and bottom lips...

kimmy and mark no 3

contd from story 2 been contacted by kimmy and mark for a session at their home at handsworth there today 11 am report to follow shortly anyone want to replay or create their own story for me to report on ?

kimmy and mark contd

pleae read in order 2 nd  part of story

took kimmy to back of van and in sunshine stripped her down to stockings sussies and heels put her in back of van with mattress in there just had to lick her out and to be honest got carried away and did...

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