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A fantasy i did last year

I had been on here for a while looking for a swing buddie and had not yet found the right one ,so on a very hot sunny afternoon while home alone thought i would see who was on line has the sun was out and i fancyed a play may...

The storm

Thunder rolls as the hot rain pelts the overheated asphalt. Steam rises from the street as I become over heated. Nothing is as big a turn on as an amazing summer storm. I've felt the storm coming all day. Each weather update getting me wetter and wetter without me even...

My birthday

My birthday
My girlfriend and I got dressed to the nines to go out and
celebrate my birthday. We had a couple places in mind. One
was a club where I knew the dj. He was so cute.
We had a few drinks, I did a lot of dancing. The...

The Mistress and the cum slut .....

She stood with her hands on her hips. An imposing sight. Dressed in a long leather coat, tight leather corset, a short leather skirt and knee high leather boots. Her eyes danced from one face to another as she surveyed the four submissives, who stood in just...

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