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Our Introduction to Cuckold Lifestyle

During a trip to Oakland California we had booked an evening at a motel complex in Oakland California called the Edgewater, during the 80's and 90's this was the only known swingers motel I new of except for hedonism.

We ...


My wife Heather and I have been married for just over 20 years. She is a very attractive woman of 41, has a perfect figure with firm breasts, long shapely legs, auburn hair and green eyes. She dresses well and is always immaculately...

Motor Home Bondage Adventure

The attendant at the motor home park called and said that a newly arrived motor home driver had asked when I would be around.
"Tell him I will stop by this afternoon. Did he mention what he wanted?"
"No,Sir, but he did say he knew those...

lovely lady next door

my neighbours are a married couple  in the late 40s and asian the bloke is always workin away

one day as i was parkin my car, the lovely lady who lives next door called me and said do u know any thing about satelite tv , i quickly said yes...



Recently got in touch with married couple who where straight female & bi-male with me bi also.

 We agreed to meet in local pub for get to know you session no commitments.

 We all arrived she was wearing jeans + tight teeshirt with no bra barley disguising her pert tits jeans showed...


I wish I could be with you right now. I'd sneak up behind you while you were sitting at your computer -- since it's during the day, no one is around except yourself. Nonetheless, I close the door behind myself. Of course you hear that, and you turn around looking...

Dinner time at our house.

The soft velvet darkness was helped to warm by the orange and yellow glow of the church candle, upright and hard, the hot wax dribbling down it's thick girth. It sputtered and spat gasping to burn the oxygen, mesmerised I follow it as it dances to the rhythmn of the...


She stood at the breakfast bar. I lusted after her, fuck she was hot, cue the visuals, this strumpingly hard girth of mancock is about to molest that big shiny assed tower of suction power and tell you all about it. 

 Daylight bats through the windows glinting off every shiny surface.  She...



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