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Welcome to The Swingers Zone

One of the only 100% totally free swingers sites in the UK - we don't even ask for donations to access all the site's features

So put that credit card away and sign up today

The Swingers Zone is more of a community site than a contact site for UK Swingers.


We pride ourselves on being a site written especially for the swinging community. We have listened and looked at other sites and seen what they are doing right and more importantly where they are going wrong. This is the site that, as swingers ourselves, we would like to see and hopefully it will be the site you want to use as well.

This is not only our site, it's your site and if you feel there is anything that could be changed or added to make things better or easier then why not send us a message? We read every message and take every suggestion on board.


We aim to be one of the friendliest swinging sites out there but we can only do that with your help. Tell your friends about us, have a look around, see what we have to offer.

We have all the standard features of a swinging site, profiles, messaging, winks, adverts, stories, club listing and reviews, and a gallery.


We offer more features than most of the rest that charge you a monthly or yearly fee or expect a donation to access certain other features. We are totally free, no charges and no donations, so sign up and enjoy your totally free full access to the site.


We hope you enjoy your visit to The Swingers Zone and that we help you all to have hours of fun and pleasure.